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We understand your obsession with a good pen, and that's why we offer a free 30-day return policy. Simply pick the designs and ink color you want, and checkout with ease.

How We Make Our Pens

We start by disassembling the pens and using pliers to take the clip off. Next, we sand down the pen and wipe with a damp cloth. Then we print the design on vinyl and cut to size. The vinyl is like a sticker. We peel the back of the vinyl off and then apply it to the pen. We use a non-toxic water-based sealant to cover the vinyl. The sealant protects the design and leaves the pen with a smooth finish. We strive to keep the pen close to its original size for a comfortable grip. This machine rotates the pens around to allow for even drying. We apply several layers of sealant to assure even coverage. Each layer takes approximately 24 hours of spin drying to harden. We reassemble the pens when done.

Hi There, I'm Carrie

I am the Founder and Owner of Carrie's Counter. I am a Registered Nurse and an Entrepreneur. We are based in the United States, in Ohio. Our mission is to bring joy to the mundane by providing unique hand-crafted pens and pencils. From journaling and grocery lists, to working your own job, our pens and pencils can make day to day better.

While serving customers, I am also dreaming about my next vacation. I love sharing quality products with my customers for them to enjoy. Thank you for visiting our site.

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